8th International Conference
Materials Science and Condensed Matter Physics




Condensed Matter Theory (CMT)
Advances in condensed matter theory; low dimensional systems; modeling of materials and structural properties; ordering and phase transitions; quantum optics and electronics; strong correlated electronic systems.

Advanced Bulk Materials (ABM)
Crystal growth; electronic processes and transport properties of semiconductors and superconductors; magnetic and multiferroic systems; interaction of light and matter and optical phenomena; properties of composites, metamaterials and molecular materials.

Design and Structural Characterization of Materials (DSCM)
Crystal engineering of solid state structures; metal-organic materials; porous materials; advanced materials with magnetic, luminescent, nonlinear optical (NLO), thermoelectric, catalytic, analytic and pharmaceutical properties; defects engineering and mechanical properties; crystallography of organic, inorganic and supramolecular compounds.

Solid State Nanophysics and Nanotehnology (SSNN)
Advances in physics of nanosystems; nanostructures and nanomaterials fabrication and characterization; electronic properties of quantum wells, superlattices, nanowires and nanodots; meso- and nanoelectronics, optical processes in nanostructures; emerging phenomena in nanocomposites and nanomaterials.

Energy Conversion and Storage. Solid State Devices. (ECSSSD)
Photovoltaics: crystals, thin films, nanoparticles; theory and modelling; processing; device analysis; degradation and reliability; electrochemical energy conversion/storage: electrolytes; solid oxide fuel cells, flow batteries; solid state devices: micro sensors and micro electro-mechanical systems; device modelling, device structures; terahertz applications.

Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry (SEAE)
Electrophysical and electrochemical methods of materials fabrication; micro- and nanotechnologies; surface treatment by electrochemical and electroerosion methods; surface analysis and materials engineering in electrochemical technologies; electrical processes in chemistry and technology.

Digital and Optical Holography: Materials and Methods (DOH)
Development and application of optical and digital holography methods; computational image data processing; digital holographic microscopy; interferometry and diffractive optics; industrial application of optical technologies and biomedical optics.